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What I Wore | Pink and Nude

Happy new month and welcome back to the blog! I can't help but smile as I write these words down. I'm as happy as a child who loves cake! I've missed my little piece of online real estate. I will put up a life update post later on to explain my absence but in the meantime, let's get on with what this blog was originally about, fashion.
I stumbled upon this dress and fell completely in love with the colour. It's a bridesmaids dress so it's a little fancy but I absolutely love it. As you might know if you're an oldie but goodie here on the blog, I like versatility whenever I buy anything. I like being able to wear something in many different ways; to get good value for my money no matter how little I spent on the item. And that didn't stop with this dress. I am eagerly waiting to style it in different ways and of course share it with you.
For style option number one, I opted to pair it with nudes so as to allow the hot pink colour to really stand out. I added simple jewellery in the form of hoop earrings mostly because my jewellery game isn't as big as I imagine it should be.
Oh and did I mention the dress has pockets! (Insert silly grin)

Outfit Details
Dress and coat - Thrifted
Shoes - Borrowed from my sister
Earrings and watch - Dubois Road

Thank you for stopping by.

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