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Life Update

2018. Just writing this brings on a whole melange of emotions. This year I have gone through feelings of joy, sorrow, excitement, anticipation, anxiety; feelings that forced me to look deep within myself and rethink my life and my decisions and try to remind myself of my hopes and dreams.
Even though I hadn't planned to take a break from the blog, life forced me to take a step back to recharge my batteries before taking it up again. Before putting up my first post of the month (you can read it here) I was so anxious. It had been so long since I wrote here that I worried if I still had it in me to blog.
I will chalk down my insecurities to my emotional state. Without getting into too many details, I suffered a heartbreak at the beginning of the year and I can still feel it's effects to date. It took everything out of me. I felt unable to do those things I loved. It's then that I finally realised how difficult it is to be creative when you are not at peace.
Over time, I started feeling better, happier, more focused and ready to get back to achieving my goals. I embarked on establishing my writing career, which I spoke about in this post, I fell back in love with fashion, one of my greatest loves, started travelling a bit more and generally made an effort to live a purposeful life.
I took a different turn with my love life. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and learnt to fall in love with myself. I made myself and my needs a priority for once in my life. I can tell you without a doubt that falling in love with myself, with my life as it is, challenges and all, changed how I view life and gave me so much inner peace and a joy that is hard to shake.
So September is my second most favourite month of the year. March is the first because it's baby girl's birthday. September on the other hand is my birthday month and the anniversary of when I started my blog so I'm doubly excited about getting back on the blog. For starters, I will be blogging twice a week on Monday's and Wednesdays. This might change, however, depending on my schedule. I have also closed one of my online shops. I now sell on Maternity Dresses Kenya, found only on Facebook for the time being.

Here's to a new, more exciting, phase of the blog.

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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