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Motherhood Chronicles: She Flew The Nest

Elly has started school!
Motherhood is a continuous cycle of change. No sooner have you adjusted to a new routine than you have to drop it and start getting used to something new. My baby started school and I can hardly believe that she is old enough to strike it out on her own. Just this morning when we were leaving the house, she told me she could take herself to school because she is a big girl now (😢😢). When did this happen? Just recently she was so tiny and helpless and now she is so independent!
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For the better part of last year baby girl's most frequently asked question was, "Mummy, when can I go to school?" It didn't help that many of her playmates are of school-going age so during the day she would get so bored waiting for them to come home so that they could play.
She didn't cry on her first day. I will probably attribute that to the preparation we did beforehand. I made sure to inform her months in advance that she would be going to school soon. Then, I made sure to involve her in the preparations i.e. buying her uniform and stationery together. I noticed a long time ago that with Elly, I have to be straight with her and explain things well so as to prepare her for any changes, big and small. Then she doesn't get too anxious come d-day.
I spent much of day one staring at her photos wondering how she was faring on. When I went to pick her up in the afternoon, I was very relieved when her teacher told me that she (Elly) was very settled and she wasn't troublesome at all.

I miss spending the day together or knowing that she is waiting for me when I come from work. Now I cherish, even more, the hours we get to spend together when she is home. I know the separation and her independence will only grow from now on. Soon she won't need me to walk her to school or help her get her uniform on so I am learning to enjoy doing it now. I will be sure to share with you our updated daily routine now that she is in school. 

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