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8 No-Spend Activities I Love

Over the last couple of months, I have learnt to find ways to enjoy myself and spend little to no money. Most of these activities are indoor activities.

1. Reading
I love reading and I'm trying to read more. I tend to spend a lot of time watching things either on YouTube or a series but this is something I have been trying to change.

2. Cooking
I find cooking very therapeutic. I love coming up with new recipes using ingredients that are already in the house. 

3. Upcycling my clothes
A friend gave me this idea some time back but I have been unable to sufficiently take it up until I decided that I needed a new wardrobe. Since I still like some of my old clothes I decided to give them new life by upcyling them.

4. Sort through my photos
My photos folder on my laptop is a mess and I have taken to going through my old photos sorting them out into the appropriate folders and eventually backing them up. I have been saying that I want to print some so I think that will be a project for next year. I also enjoy reminiscing on times gone by especially when going through my daughter's baby photos.

5. Review my goals
I found that by reviewing my goals I am better able to remember them and work towards achieving them. I also like ticking off those that I have achieved and it feels so good seeing those crossed off.

6. Write
I have always loved writing. It's such a creative outlet for me. I have started writing up more blog posts (even if I haven't gotten round to putting that many up but look out for more content this month) and journalling more.

7. Organise and declutter
Nothing gives me satisfaction like sorting through my closet and organising cupboards in the house. It leaves me feeling so clean and tidy and ready to take on the world!

8. Paint my nails
I do this every week or every fortnight. Sometimes my daughter joins in and also gets her nails painted.

Do you have any other no-spend activites that you love? Do share them below.

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