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Taking Stock #2.2017

Happy last day of November. I'm so excited for the last month of this year but before we get overtaken by the events of the holiday season, let's take a moment to  reflect on the happenings of the last month. This November I have been:

Making lists. I have already worked on my new year's resolutions, current and next year's budget, and shopping lists for my and Elly's wardrobe overhaul.

Eating healthier. I'm trying to eat less carbs especially at night and eat more vegetables and fruits. It's really hard to stay away from fried foods (like fries, yum!) but I'm taking it one day at a time.

Drinking more water. I don't know what happened to me but post-baby, and that was almost four years ago, drinking enough water throughout the day has become such a struggle and I can't drink flavoured water so I just have to struggle through it.

Reading Ian Rankin's Witch Hunt and my current favourite blog, Thought Catalog.

Listening to Christmas Carols. By mid November I couldn't wait any longer. I love Christmas. I get so excited this time of year.

Loving spending time on my own. (Not in a creepy way) It's giving me time to reflect and get to know myself better.

Planning Christmas: gifts; meal; activities; trips; the whole shebang.

Thinking about my hustle come the new year.

Learning how to take better care of my natural hair.

How was your November?
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