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Outfit Ideas #3

The weather has cooled down significantly since I last did an outfit ideas post. This selection of outfits are more geared towards dressing for the cooler temperatures. When it gets cold we all subconsciously reach for duller colours. This, however doesn't mean that your outfits should be drab. The right accessories or a pop of colour can be the difference between boring and chic.

Style Tips:

  • When buying coats, don't overlook the oversize ones. When paired with the right outfit, you can still look put together especially if you keep the proportions right.
  • If it's too cold for bare legs, opt for stockings. Choose between dark and sheer stockings depending on the occasion and how you want to look overall. I personally prefer to wear stockings with shorter hemlines, again, it's a proportion thing.
  • Headwraps are the perfect way to keep your head warm as you try to go about your day in the blistering cold. Another plus is that headwraps instantly add colour to your outfit without you needing to try too hard.
  • Multiple layers will not only keep you warm but they are the perfect way to get some wear out of the part of your wardrobe that you wouldn't ordinarily deem as 'winter wear'. Wear a faux fur coat over a denim or leather jacket or a denim jacket and trench coat worn over your denim shirt. 

What other tips do you have for dressing for the cold weather? Do share them in the comments below.

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