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Motivational Monday | Signs You Are Overthinking and How To Stop

I am a chronic overthinker. I have often caught myself over processing each situation. In the past, when I would have to make a decision, I would try to look at it from every angle, sometimes waking up in the middle of the night to think about it.
One problem with overthinking is that if you have a small problem, you tend to build a mountain out of a molehill. If someone slights you, you tend to make a big deal out of it when that person never really meant to offend you. If you are something like me, below are other signs that you are a chronic overthinker.

Signs that you are overthinking

  1. When you expect the worst to happen
  2. You question everything.
  3. Every situation makes you tense up
  4. You would rather someone else makes decisions for you
  5. You constantly have regrets
  6. You take things personally even when they aren't

How to stop overthinking

  • Allow yourself to only think about anything for a small amount of time. Don't allow your thoughts to go on and on and on with no end in sight.
  • When you catch yourself overthinking, put a stop to it. Firmly. Teach your brain to recognize when you are dwelling on something too much and quickly turn your thoughts to something more pleasant like thing you should be grateful for.
  • Keep yourself occupied. Never allow yourself to be idle. Keep busy: working, planning for your future, spending time with loved ones, developing your talents, etc.
  • Write down what is worrying you. This really helps me. Writing in my journal makes me feel like I have taken a huge burden off my shoulders.
  • Concentrate on the present. Avoid saying "what if" this and this had happened differently. Instead focus on what your life is like now and enjoy every moment. 
  • Accept mistakes and disagreements. You will make mistakes just like everyone else. You will not agree with everyone. The sooner you accept this the easier your life will be.

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