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Handbag Essesntials

One of the things that I love most about dressing up every day is the thrill of picking a different handbag to compliment my outfit. I don't own a ton of handbags but those that I have were carefully selected and I absolutely love. It pains me to imagine that as they age I might have to get rid of them.
Today's post is all about those items that I carry with me on a daily basis. I also asked some of my friends to send me photos of what they always carry with them and I will share them below.

Sidi's everyday bag contains a wallet, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, face powder, lip balm, lipstick, a nail file, gum, handkerchief, a pen and a phone.

For her everyday essentials, Laura carries hand lotion, hand sanitizer, tic tacs, phone, powerbank, wet wipes, lip balm, earphones and her wallet.

Kui carries a simple boy bag as her everyday bag. In it she has a notebook, sunglasses, lip balm, wallet, brush for her edges, earphones and a phone.

Audrey (Me)
My handbag essentials include a wallet, coin purse, card holder pocket tissues, wet wipes, vaseline, sanitary bag, make-up bag, keys, phone and earphones, notebook, pen, novel, gum (Peppermint flavour).

What are some of your handbag essentials? Do share in the comments below.

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