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Style Challenge Day 16 - Try a dress over pants

Ever since I learned of this trend, I have been terrified of trying it. Traditionally, pants and dresses are never worn together. They form the backbone of two very different types of outfits. But when paired together, the two create a very unique outfit.
The dress chosen for today's challenge was one with a much shorter length than I would ordinarily go for. I chose it because the trousers that I wanted to wear were not as fitting on the calf as I would have liked.
I opted for monochromatic colours so as to make sure the juxtaposition of a dress worn with pants was the center of the outfit.
All in all, this challenge has made me push a number of boundaries. I was completely out of my comfort-zone in this. I'm certain that with the right pairing of a dress and pants, this is a trend that I would wear again and again, mostly because of its uniqueness which you know I love.

Would you pair your dress with pants?

Thank you for stopping by. xo

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