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My Most Memorable Purchase

I'm a confessed thrift-a-holic (is that a word?). Apart from the huge chunk of change that I get to save when I thrift shop, I love the fact that each item is unique and that I will not find every second woman wearing the same thing that I am. Nevertheless, my love for thrift shopping does not mean that I discriminate against store bought clothes. Believe it or not, my most memorable purchase was bought at a clothing chain. And what might that be you ask?
My most memorable purchase is this black trench coat. I bought it at Wills, in Saket Mall, New Delhi. I bought it about 6 years ago at the start of a very very cold winter.

 Why is this my most memorable purchase?
By the time I was buying this trench coat, I had been thinking about acquiring a coat for the cold North India winters for a long, long time. Winter was just starting and I thought, why not? You know how sometimes you think about buying something but you keep delaying it because you can't justify the cost? That was me. But a good friend of mine told me to stop thinking too hard and just buy myself a trench coat.
Because I like unique pieces, it was a bit hard for me to buy an item of clothing that came from a rack with several other pieces that were exactly the same. Also, I had made a plan that if I ever bought a trench coat, it would be a fun colour like cobalt blue or red so that I could brighten up the dull winter atmosphere.
Buuuut, when I tried this coat on, it fit so well! The arm length was perfect and it was snug enough to keep the warm air in on a chilly day. When I buttoned it, the buttons didn't gape and the belt went around my waist without any trouble. The length was perfect and I knew I would be able to wear it with both trousers and dresses without thinking too much. So I bought it.
To date, this is one purchase that I don't regret. I wear this coat every cold season. It cost me an arm and a leg but 6 years down the line, I am still getting good value for my money.

What is your most memorable purchase? Do share why in the comments below.

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