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10 Amazing Outfits for the Cooler Temperatures

Baby, it's cold out.
I looove the cold weather. OK, I also love the heat. But I find the cold provides so much room for creativity when it comes to what you can wear. Personally, my closet choices this time of year revolve around long sleeves, heavier fabrics like leather, tweed, felt, wool and heavier cottons as well as tights. My love affair with the colour black usually hits its peak at this time.
For this post, I thought it would be fun to mix in some geometrical prints, florals and furs. Trousers are of course very, very welcome, so jeans will definitely get a pass, flared jeans, wide-leg trousers and hey, why not try out styling sweatpants in a chic, fashionable way?
As for shoes, closed toe are the ideal, so I'm thinking ankle boots, flats, pumps and for those of us who have refused to be uncomfortable, sneakers worn with everything!

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