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February in Retrospect

Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday when I was writing a similar post but for January (you can read it here). February seems to have disappeared and now one of my new favourite month's of the year, March, is here!

Feeling inspired by

1. Miss Amber P. Riley.  I did a post on her for my first Celebrity Style Crush post this year and I can't get enough of her amazing style. She's a plus-size girl who knows how to dress her body using trends, choosing the right fit, to make them flattering.

2. The above quote. Did you realize the process to succeeding in anything sucks most of the time? You face discouraging people, discouraging circumstances and it may appear that you are not making any progress. But this isn't true, with every single hour that you put in just a bit of work towards making your dream a reality, you are getting closer and closer to the finish line. It's always darkest just before the dawn so don't give up. Your breakthrough is closer than you think.

Learning to
 February has been a month of self discovery for me. Among the many lessons I am learning is that I can't control the outcome of everything I do or go through. I can try but chances are life will run its course and I have to accept it even if the outcome isn't what I had hoped for. When I do get tempted to obsess over things and worry about them not working out the way I want them to, I have to quickly move on, think of more positive things and focus on doing my best now.

10 blogs I am loving at the moment
1. The Simply Luxurious Life
2. Thirsty Thought by Kryz
3. The Bomb Life
4. By Regina
5. Bikozulu
6. The Nectar Collective
7. Career Girl Daily
8. PinkPot
9. Pinch of Yum
10. Like the Yogurt

Looking forward to
-Baby girl's 2nd birthday! I am so excited and terrified both at the same time. She's growing up too fast.
-More clarity in terms of defining what I want in business and in my personal life.
-Putting up some of those post that I had planned to and never did over the years.

I hope your year is coming along great. Thank you so much for your continued support. xo

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