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A Refreshed Site and A Look Back at 2015

It's a couple of days to the new year and I thought, what better way to welcome 2016 than with a fresh new look. Let's recap, shall we.
When I started blogging I had this vision of what I wanted i2s to be and although I went a little off course in the course of the last two years, I think all those posts were leading up to this moment right here. This site is a culmination of everything that I want/intend to write about on i2s in a bid to inspire you to live the life that you want, that you have been dreaming about, a life that is suited to you and your needs and not what culture or society deems suitable. You can read more about the mission and vision of i2s in my updated About page.

Highlights of the changes to the blog
 You will notice a lot of inspiring posts not only of the fashion and beauty variety but also a bit of decor, a return on the posts about positive body image and a few inspirational posts geared towards helping you discover and become true to yourself.
2015 in retrospect
See original post here
This past year, I have taken a lot of time to reflect on things that I want in my life from the type of relationships that I want to have to how I can become a better mum, and how to make a career out of my passions.
I finally got faux leather leggings and new glasses. See original post here
In this regard, I have spent a lot of time redefining my personal style. After I had Elly and went through losing the post-baby weight, I realized that my style choices had to change because my body was not the same as it was prior to Elly's arrival. Also my life is different now so it was only fitting that my closet reflected this "new" me. It took me almost a year to not only get back into shape but also to rediscover how to dress myself. I finally practiced what I preached and started dressing for me.

In March, Elly turned one. Even though I had a whole list of things that I wanted to do in order to celebrate, in the end I opted for something simple and low key.  I want Elly to learn that the joy in the celebration is not from how much we spend on it and what we buy but on the meaning of the occasion. She has also settled down and we have established our daily routine. You can read more about our escapades this year in the Mum n Baby column.

In June, I made the somewhat difficult decision to go into fulltime self-employment. Even though my shop is online, I got a physical location where I could go to meet my clients. I also managed to expand and include the sale of maternity and children's (currently on order basis only) clothes. I also went forth and started doing personal shopping, a job that I absolutely love.
In Nakuru for my sister's graduation
I finally resumed my travelling ways. When I was in uni, I travelled a lot but once I became a citizen of the world, I relaxed on the travel and mostly stayed within Nairobi. But this year, I made the first step towards pursuing this other hobby of mine and reached Nakuru! Now I will attempt to go even further, and of course, I cannot leave baby girl behind!

I hope your year has been great and I wish you a prosperous 2016!
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  1. Aaaaw, such a cute post....loved reading it. I always have respect for women who cope with post baby weight without drowning in all the negative energy/frustrations, I honestly think you did a great job. I also seem to have forgotten how fast babies grow, especially the part where they can almost stand on their own by 1 I might have thought your baby was 3 yrs old from the picture *hides face*.
    All the best with 2016, may it be filled with more joy and blessings.....and travel.
    Happy Holidays.

    1. Thank you Linet. It has been a bit of a journey but I like where I am now. Haha! Babies grow so fast, it can be hard to keep up.