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Miss Elly...11 Months On

As promised, I have decided to revive posts about my daughter, Elly. Baby girl turns eleven months today. My! How time flies! This time next month will be one year since she was born.
Life with Elly has been eye-opening, as I shared my experiences when she turned 6 months. As the months have gone by, we have grown together and adapted into each others routines.
Elly has now started walking, with the aid of the furniture in the house. She holds onto anything that is stable, chairs, stools, tables, doors, walls and even people's legs. She crawls to get around to places she wants to go and sometimes holds onto walls in order to reach certain parts of the house.

The older she gets the more observant I notice she has become. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that when I was bathing her, she would grab at her wash-cloth and start to wash me just as I was washing her. She usually picks up a comb and starts to comb my hair just as I comb hers. She knows to smile for the camera (and my, is she photogenic!). When she sees you using earphones, she removes one side and knows how to put it back.
The main battle Elly and I have is over meals. She doesn't like food, just like mama when she was her age. We fight at each meal time. The only thing that she agrees to let pass her lips without a fight is fruit juice, mangoes, bread and water. Other things are her sworn enemies.
Another surprise that I witnessed just this past weekend. She has learnt how to imitate people when they speak. My brother called out to my sister and Elly shouted her name (well, the vowels, consonants are still a mystery to her) just as he had. And then when I am singing, she joins in. When I'm talking on the phone, she also starts to speak.
And speaking of phones, missy here knows how to put on the phone, swipe the screen to unlock it and she knows how to play Fruit Ninja! She even knows that when it vibrates there is a call or message and rushes to pick it up and sometimes, proceeds to put it on her ear.
When I see Elly doing these things, it just shows you that when you think kids don't notice things, you are very wrong. They notice everything we do and often imitate us.

So, this is how far we have come. Elly is growing to be an astounding young lady. I can't wait for her birthday and to see her reach other milestones.

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