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Tutorial | Headwrap

Turbans are a new obsession of mine. I did a post on how much I love them here and I have been scouring Pinterest looking for new and exciting ways to tie a turban. The Badu headwrap is no exception. I stumbled across it on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I have worn it here and here and will definitely continue to fall back on it this year.

The tutorial is fairly simple:

1. Gather all your materials.
You will need:
-Two headscarves: I chose one simple black one and a very colourful, statement making scarf.
-Comb and hair band
-Lipstick/ gloss to finish off the look

2. Comb/tie your hair in the highest ponytail you can. This is my best trick to ensuring my turbans don't fall off my head. I use my hair as an anchor/base for the turban

3. Take your first scarf and tie it around your head. First, make a knot as nearest your forehead as possible. I usually make a knot at the base of my ponytail. Holding onto one end of the scarf, wrap it clockwise around your ponytail. Tuck in the loose end securely. Then proceed to wrap the remaining end of the scarf counter clockwise and tuck in the loose end securely. Tuck in any loose fabric or strings to make a neat wrap. Ensure this first wrap is secure as this will determine how well your second scarf sits.

4. Next, tie your second headscarf on top of the first turban with the same procedure. Try to keep your headwrap as neat as possible.

5. Finish it all off with a bit of lipstick and you are ready to dazzle!
***NOTE: The bigger the first turban the bigger and more statement making your overall wrap will look.
Do try this tutorial and tag it #i2sheadwrap so I can see how well yours turned out. 

Thank you for stopping by.

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