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6 Lessons I Have Learnt In 6 Months Of Motherhood

 Elly turns 7 months this Saturday and I thought what better way to commemorate the passing months than to share with you what I have learnt from being mother to this amazing little girl.

1. Patience.
The truth is, as glamorous and easy as our mothers made motherhood look, it is bound to test you. I have learnt to be patient, and this for me is a big accomplishment because I am not a very patient person. Take last night for instance. Elly refused to have her dinner. She cried and cried and would not let me give her just a few spoonfuls of food. Then all she wanted to do was sleep and I knew that would be impossible with an empty stomach, but she was determined. When I finally gave in and took her to bed, it took her another two hours to actually sleep. She would doze a bit then the moment I put her in bed, she wakes up, smile her pretty smile and decide that we should play. Eventually, she did sleep, after a few stern words from her dad.

2.  Don't take anything too seriously, even myself.
There are times, like the one described above, when Elly is completely naughty. She will refuse to sleep during the day, press all manner of keys on my laptop or even worse, pull out the modem, flash disk or power when I am working or spray me with food, the list goes on and on. Of course I get upset. Who wouldn't? Especially when all I want to do is meet a certain deadline or go to bed early. But then just as I am about to lose it, she smiles a big toothless smile and looks so cute that I forget what I was angry about. Yes, there are times when you need to get serious but it doesn't mean that I should forget to smile and be silly.

3.You will give and give and give and get very little in return.
Just recently, I was reminiscing on the first few days at home with Elly and I couldn't help but marvel at how far we had come. I remember a few (very few in fact) sleepless nights when she would wail until midnight because she had colic. Or how I was so sleep deprived those first few months. She depends on me for so much: to put aside my work and pick her up whenever she needs comforting, to feed her at her pace and not at mine, to play with her when she wants to, etc. I have never had to give myself so much to anyone and know that I will get very little in return. The joy on her face and that cheeky smile make it all worthwhile though.

4.Mothers hardly ever have eye bags.
This was something that was said to me by one of  my mum's friends. You know those days when I would get at most four or five hours of sleep in a day? I never had eye bags, even once. And I would go about the following day as if I had had a very good night and manage to be sane.

5. It's OK to cry.
The first few days with my baby girl were tough. I remember shedding a few tears when things got too tough, when I didn't know what to do with a crying baby. But after the tears, I felt better and more energized and ready to get back to being a mother. Although it is easier now, there are days when it gets a bit too much for me. In those moments, I usually watch Top Gear (those men are insane), laugh and forget about why I was so worked up.

6. All mothers will go to heaven.
Yes, I have decided. Any woman who has carried a child in her womb for nine months (or until birth), has gone through labour pains or has had a Caeserean section, has stayed up with her baby to soothe him or her, has put her life on hold just to raise another human being deserves to go to heaven. It is hard. The rewards are great and I know God will be merciful to her and welcome her when her time comes, to sit by his side in heaven.

Thank you for stopping by.
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