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HOW TO: Look Feminine with Short Hair

 Is it possible to look feminine with short hair? When I decided to go natural last year, I had to come to terms with the fact that I would have to wear my hair short for a while as I waited for it to grow back. My biggest worry was that I would end up looking like a boy. In an effort to embrace my femininity and give my short hair the extra kick that it required, I made sure to take the necessary steps to look feminine in short hair. Below are 5 ways to ensure you look more feminine when you get the big chop.
1. Lipstick!
It was during these early months of having an afro that I fully embraced the coloured lip. I had been thinking about it for long and when I went short, I finally put a stop to the what ifs and got myself my first red lipstick.
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2. Don't skimp on the make up.
Even if lipstick isn't your thing, you can opt for well trimmed eyebrows (remember to fill them in before you leave the house), a little lip gloss or coloured gloss if you want some colour as well as some eyeshadow.This is the best time to try out the wing-tip eyeliner since your hair will not be on your face.
 3. Have lots of feminine pieces in your wardrobe.
Skirts, dresses, well-fitted trousers and blazers, cute blouses, heels, sandals, etc are just some of the things that I ensured were in my wardrobe. I made sure to always look my best especially when I was struggling to find out how to style my afro.
4. Always look polished and well put together.
For your short hair cut to look more intentional and chic, keep your outfits as polished as possible. Plan them out well such that they compliment your new look.
5. Accessories galore.
I love earrings and I used this time to get extra big ones, ones that would draw as much attention as possible. When your hair is short, your head tends to look smaller so you can get away with having huge earrings. Other accessories that I found useful were headbands and scarves which I tied on my head and made bows. Other useful accessories are statement necklaces.

How else do you look feminine while sporting a short haircut? Do share in the comments below, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Tuesday and thank you for stopping by!


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