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Hello lovelies!
Life lately has been full of activity, so much so that this week I haven't managed to blog much. I have been busy handling business, taking care of Elly as well as being there for my family and friends.

On Life and Motherhood
Elly is now quite settled. Over the last four days we have been moving up and down quite a lot. She loves visiting new places and I try as much as I can to tell her about these places. I started reading to her as she's getting ready to sleep either in the morning or at night. I know that she can't understand what I'm saying to her but I read that by reading to her, she becomes accustomed to different words and sounds and this will help her develop her speech.

On the blog
Audrey's style: 1, 2. 3. 4
This month, I have posted a bit more than I did last month. Last week I even managed to post every single day, sometimes with Elly sitting on my lap! Among the posts that will be making a regular appearance on the blog are my favorite celebrity outfits for the week, outfit posts, style tips and the latest trends you can try.

Decoding personal style

 Dressing up dress-down Friday

 How to style palazzo pants.

On Business

Some time back I set up my website and online shop. I have since redone the website. Visit it on for a wide collection of formal and casual dresses, various accessories and shoes.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Wednesday!


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  1. Motivating, kwanza considering u take care of your baby as well...

    1. It's challenging but by organizing myself I manage to get things done. You only live once and there's nothing as bad as wishing you had done more.