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FASHION COMMENTARY: What is Personal Style?

Hello lovelies!
When I started getting more interested in fashion, I didn't have access to magazines like InStyle, Vogue etc. So I went online and discovered fashion blogs (how I ended up starting one is another story). I delved into them and read them as if I would be tested. I was that fascinated. But with this new world came a whole host of words whose meaning I did not know. With time, of course, I came to understand them and even use them on a daily basis. First among them was the phrase personal style. reading this blog, I hope to help people discover and maintain their unique personal style and move Inches to Style. ~ i2s Mission Statement

When explaining what my blog is about (read about Inches to Style here), I stress that I want to help people discover their personal style, to develop it and learn to maintain it. But what is personal style? You hear so much about personal style blogs but what does that even mean? 
From my understanding, personal style can be described as your dressing preferences, what you like to wear, feel comfortable in, have plenty of in your wardrobe. Be it colours, cuts, types of fabrics, etc, the different mix of things that you consider when adding something to your wardrobe, defines your personal style. 
Personal style is just that, personal. You don't share it with anyone. It's one of the things that is characteristically you, that makes you you. It can be influenced by any number of factors: background, lifestyle, career, age and even where you live. Your peers can also influence your personal style. 

With so many things that can influence your style, how can you be unique?
You must be strong-willed and wear whatever you want as long as it does not offend any one. Your individuality can be expressed by how you dress even when there are a million people who have the same external influences that you do. And since you are such a unique human being, why would you want to blend in and disappear into the crowd?

And what if my peers give me grief over my style choices?
Yesterday, a fellow blogger mentioned that she was having a difficult time in school since some girls were attacking her dressing preferences and she wanted our input on how to handle this situation. I responded by telling her that in order to maintain your individuality, you will need to develop a thick skin that will ensure their words do not hurt you. In the end, they will end up admiring you because you remained true to your choices and did not let external pressure influence you. Deep down you will find that people really want to stand out and be different but they are just afraid to step away from what is socially acceptable at that time. So those who have taken the courageous step of being different from the rest of the crowd are actually a step ahead. And anyway, there will always be those people who do not understand you and are just out to make you doubt yourself. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they have gotten to you.

What are your personal style preferences? Do you sometimes feel awkward when you look different from the rest? How do you handle criticism? Do share in the comments, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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