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AUDREY'S STYLE: The Perfect Combination of Colour and Print

Hello lovelies!
Nothing cheers me up more than having some print and colour in my outfit. These floral pants, previously worn here, are just the perfect combination of colour and print. They don't scream for attention and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. On this particular day, I paired them with a pink vest and white waterfall sweater. I was headed to Church so I added a pair of heels to dress them up a bit.

 After more misses than hits, I am slowly getting back my dressing mojo. It has proven to be quite difficult to dress my post-maternity body, more-so because I have very few clothes that fit well. I have been wearing a lot of skirts lately even though I am not partial to them. I would much rather wear trousers and dresses. These are slowly making a comeback in my wardrobe. After struggling to accept my new body size, I have taken to getting a few new clothes which I hope will get me through the next few months as I bounce back.
Because Elly is a very active little girl, it has become necessary for me to tone down when it comes to accessories.My necklaces, bracelets and bangles have been forced into sabbatical leave. I have been making use of my earrings but after she got her hands on these, I have decided to put my dangling earrings away and acquire studs instead. I now have another reason to shop! Yay!

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Happy Tuesday!


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