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A SIMPLER LIFE; Challenge #3

Hello lovelies! 
Following the last two challenges in the simplify your life challenge, de-clutter your wardrobe and follow your heart, today we look at how to best get over stressful situations.

Challenge #3: Laugh off the stress
Having a newborn is mostly an amazing thing. Each day I marvel at how small and helpless we all start out being before we learn to take care of ourselves. But there are those times when if left on my own, I would break down and cry. You see, there are some nights when Elly cries for long periods and I’m left baffled because I know I have fed her and given her a clean diaper, so she should be asleep. I remember the first night this happened. Elly was about 3 or 4 weeks old. She developed a bad case of colic and I did not know what to do. All along, she had been fine, eating and sleeping well. But on this particular night, it got to 11:30p.m and she was still crying. My sister, who has been an angel these last few months, took her and tried to put her to sleep to no avail. Elly cried so much, my mum came and helped to comfort her. Sleep deprivation along with a sense of helplessness made me completely unable to comfort my baby. I very nearly cried along with the baby because I couldn’t imagine going through this every single night until she is about 4 months old (I heard colic lasts about that long).
But when I woke up in the morning and saw my little angel’s innocent face and how she clang to me, I knew that if she ever had her crying spells again, I would be able to handle it. As Elly got older and she started smiling, every time things got a bit tough and I felt overwhelmed, I would see her smile and all the hardship would be quickly forgotten.
Believe it or not, this young lady has taught me how to laugh off all stressful situations. I know that a laugh will not solve much but it does make it easier to handle the stress later on. So for this week’s challenge, why don’t we let go of the stress and laugh about it. Make light of these situations and you will find yourself handling them better. What do you say?

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