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Mission Statement: Style and elegance is something I believe can easily be attained with just a little guidance. By looking beyond fashion and understanding yourself, your body, fashion trends and your environment, it is possible to make fashions work for you instead of you becoming a slave to fashion. Hence, by reading this blog, I hope to help people discover and maintain their unique personal style and move Inches 2 Style.

About Inches 2 Style
 Founded in on the 12th of September, 2011, i2s started off as a fashion guide, a source of information regarding trends and how you can incorporate them in your closet. While I believe clothes are a great way of expressing yourself, your intentions and your mood, I believe dressing is a very personal affair. Not all trends will appeal to you aesthetically and practically. Thus, this blog is not only about what you should wear. I strive to emphasize the importance of discovering your personal style, hence the name of the blog. Once you discover what you like and works for your lifestyle, you simply go for it.
Over the years, i2s has evolved into more than a fashion blog to incorporating more and more lifestyle topics such as the inspirational posts geared towards personal growth, posts on positive body image whose sole purpose is to help you look at your body, flaws and all, and fall in love with it. There is also a sprinkling of decor posts, mostly to inspire you to look beyond what has become commonplace in the world of decor.
In the long-term, I hope to inspire you to live a life built around what suits you and not what everyone else is doing. I hope to encourage you to go against the grain and embrace your personal style because no matter what your budget is it is still possible to live a stylish life.

About Audrey, Founder and Editor of i2s

I am a personal shopper living in Nairobi, Kenya. In my search to discover my personal style, I started this blog to share interesting topics that I came across in my day to day life. In September of 2011, I started writing about fashion, a topic I had loved since my youth. With time, this blog has evolved to include lifestyle topics as I seek to encourage my readers to build lives that suit their personal styles and not an imitation of what they are exposed to online or among their peers.
For as long as I can remember I have had a keen interest in clothes i.e. how they are sewn, the fabrics used, colors, as well as how one can create different outfits by mixing and matching items already in their wardrobes. I have been dressing people for a very long time and even tried my hand at designing clothes. Thus, in 2013, as an extension of my writing, I opened an online shop to make available women’s clothing and accessories. The shop has evolved into a personal shopping service for men, women and children. I also do wardrobe consultations, help people reinvent themselves by updating their wardrobes and give styling advice.
As a new mum, I find it necessary to help women learn that just because you are no longer a carefree, single girl, you have to give up on looking good. With life changes, it is possible to look even better and with my help, I make it easier for them to find clothes that will suit their new status in life and current budget.
Quick Facts:
Blog start date: September 2011
Writer/Stylist: Audrey Masitsa

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Fashion: celebrity style, style tips, trends
Hair and beauty
Audrey's life: my style, DIY projects, mum and baby news
Lifestyle: body image, inspiration, health, decor

Online Shop: Botique i2s
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About Audrey Masitsa

Audrey is the founder, writer and stylist behind Inches 2 Style. You can read more about her here and hire her for personal shopping, stylist and wardrobe consultations here .
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