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Hello lovelies!
It seems like just the other day I was writing the January edition of Mid-Week Reflections. I like to use this post to talk about key things that have taken place in my life and here on the blog, all in an effort to make this blog as personal as possible.

On Life
The short month of February has practically flown by. A good part of it has been spent carrying out various preparations for the baby's arrival both psychologically and materially. Getting baby things is so much fun and I can't help but marvel at how small we are when we begin our lives. The psychological preparation has been a bit daunting. One might argue that I have had nine months to be mentally prepared but I'm not sure there is any amount of time that would prepare one for such a momentous occasion in one's life. But with the help of God, family and friends, I am certain that the fear of the unknown will be conquered.

On The Blog
This month, I have tried my best to put up posts as often as possible, three days out of five is not so bad. My excuse for not posting on all five days can be narrowed down to lack of planning ahead. I usually plan a week's worth of posts over the weekend and I even write them down in my diary. The biggest challenge I am currently facing is actually putting up said posts on the day they have been scheduled. I could put the blame on Kenya Power (yeah, I have succumbed) but I feel that with a little more planning I could beat them at their own darkening ways.

On Business
As much as I would love to run my online shop fulltime, I am unable to due to these last few months of pregnancy and all that comes with it (exhaustion being paramount!). I intend to do more extensive online marketing, something I am currently working on. At the moment, I am mostly based on my Facebook Page where I post photos of my stock (maternity clothes, official clothes, perfume and jewellery) and take orders. Be sure to stop by:)

Thank you for stopping by.

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Happy Wednesday.


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