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MATERNITY DIARIES: Preparations for baby's arrival

Hello lovelies!
At 33 weeks I am eagerly counting down the days to my baby's arrival. As I was building up to this time, I had been doing some reading, window shopping as well as online "window" shopping (is there such a thing?) to get basic ideas of what I will need to buy. Since shopping is one of my favorite things to do, you can imagine how excited I am to get cute baby things.

Towards the end of December, I started pinning ideas for little decorative things I can make for baby. You can see the board here and please be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I haven't started making any of the things I saw yet but I have saved the pictures and will get down to some DIY next month (when I'll be too tired to roam around). 

I have already bought a baby bath and buckets for washing baby's clothes. I have also done most of my clothes shopping. I like to plan ahead. Nothing bugs me more than being caught off-guard. Yeah, I'm a bit of a control freak.

What I have bought:
A few sweaters
A couple of booties and mittens
Hats (non-wool as I have been told most babies react to wool)
What I need to buy?
 Socks and booties
Baby bag
Feeding cup
Mosquito net
Baby bag

I am relying heavily on information I get from the internet and my aunt's and mum's tips to know what to expect. I have learnt that some babies are born small while others are bigger. Also, mum advised me not to buy too many clothes for the first weeks because baby will outgrow them very fast. So when I am shopping, I try to get varying sizes. And since I don't know my baby's gender (I want to surprise myself and yes, I am a little old school!), I have been buying gender neutral clothes.

At the moment, I am perpetually tired. I don't sleep so well so you can find me napping during the day. I eat very well and baby is moving so much it's sometimes alarming. But I am to understand that movement is a good sign of baby's good health. I sing and speak to baby as much as I can throughout the day. One thing that I am finding quite difficult is the fact that my body has never been this heavy in my life. I have been forced to learn to move slowly from one place to another. I do my chores in shifts, ensuring that I rest with my feet raised between chores. I have also learnt to keep calm and trust in God for everything, especially when I am feeling low (pregnancy hormones, I am told). All in all, I am really enjoying my pregnancy!

And in non-maternity news:

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Thank you for stopping by.

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Happy Wednesday!



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  1. I love your blog and your online shop. So proud of you dear! Diana N

  2. I love your blog and online shop. So proud of you!