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THROWBACK THURSDAY: One Cobalt Dress, Three Ways

Hi all!
Cobalt is one of those colors that stand out no matter how much you try to tone it down. I bought this cobalt dress last year and have worn it a number of times each one paired with different accessories.
This dress has a boxy silhouette, meaning that it does not have a particular shape or silhouette. I find it a bit tricky to wear clothes that don’t have any particular shape. Thus, I would ordinarily wear it with a belt around my waist to add some shape.
But sometimes, when you want to try out new styles, it doesn’t hurt to try out new silhouettes, hence the lack of a belt to cinche the waist.
 As for colors, I have worn this dress with red, green and neutral colors. One time, I wore it with a green statement necklace for a boldlook. Ordinarily I wouldn’t wear a bold color like cobalt with another bold piece like a statement necklace, but I was feeling adventurous and so I broke the rules.

For an after-work date, I opted to pair this dress with a red belt, white peep-toe heels and a white bag and necklace. This was one of the dressiest looks I have ever gone for when going to the office.

In my first trimester of pregnancy, the loose fit of the boxy silhouette came in very handy. I could get away with wearing this dress without anybody realizing that I was expecting. On a cold Sunday morning I wore this cobalt dress with dark stockings, a pea coat, wedges and carried a white handbag to church. I added yellow and orange earrings and an orange headband on my afro and orange lipstick.

You can see how easy it is to dress up this dress. It’s one of those pieces that jus t boosts your mood no matter how bad a day you are having.

Do you have such a piece in your wardrobe?

Thank you for stopping by.

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 Happy Thursday.



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