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CELEB STYLE: Lupita's Lipstick Adventures

Hi all!
Make-up, lipstick in particular, has become a thing not only in Kenya but worldwide. For a long time, I associated lipstick with the older woman and resisted the urge to try it out. Then one summer (I was still studying in Delhi) a friend took me to a make-up store and encouraged me. So I started with coloured lipgloss. I got a Revlon one in deep red and simply loved the transformation. I felt more confident, more of a woman so to speak. 
Then after much soul-searching, I decided to try out red lipstick. And guess what? I loved it. It really made my entire outfit look and feel somewhat different. You see for me, I felt that wearing lipstick would draw too much attention. After years of hiding in the background, I was ready to stop hiding. 
From red lipstick I moved on to purple, orange and pink. I haven't found the shade of pink that I like yet but I haven't given up the search. And whats more, after seeing these pictures of Lupita Nyong'o in various shades of lipstick, I couldn't help but imagine myself with a wide array of shades of lipstick.
Enjoy the pics and let me know if you have tried out lipstick or you are more of a colored lipgloss girl.

Browns and Nudes
Bright Reds and Orange
Deep Reds
 Purples and Pinks

What shades of lipstick/colored lipgloss have you tried? Would you try out more colors?

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Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend.

 Happy Friday!


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