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Hi all!!
Ever since I started knowing anything about fashion and style, I had people I admired, people who I tried to imitate in my dressing. Even now there are some people I consider to be my style icons. I don’t want to imitate their style blindly, but pick out certain aspects that really stand out to me and reflect my personal style.
In polka dots

One of those people is Solange Knowles. I originally preferred Beyonce’s style but there is something about Solange Knowles that I absolutely love. She has a bold style and isn’t afraid of playing with colour.
Solange Knowles trending in stripes
 I love how she is adventurous with prints, cuts, hairstyles and hair accessories and not forgetting make-up.
Solange Knowles on the red carpet
Solange Knowles adventurous with prints
Do you like Solange Knowles’ style? Let me know in the comments below.



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