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Hi all!!! Thank God its Friday!!!!
 When I was 16 years old I tripped and fell and cut myself on a piece of barbed wire. This wasn't much big of a deal until I was forced to get a tetanus shot and when the wound healed it left an ugly scar on the inside of my knee. I was so self-conscious that I kissed goodbye any opportunity to wear anything that would show my scar. 
 But today, after taking the pludge and wearing my new denim skirt, as I was walking to get the bus, I told myself that it didn't matter anymore. This scar has been a part of me for the last so many years and I just have to embrace and love it. So this is me, declaring my love for all my "imperfections". These are the things that make me Audrey and not anybody else.
Do you find it difficult to embrace those parts of your body that are said to be unacceptable?

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Friday!!!



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