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Hi all!!! I hope you're having a good day. The sun is out and I hope your mood is as bright as it is.

For a some time now I have been enjoying finding new ways to wear my clothes. I've shared with you the knotted maxi dress, and my tips on how to wear a dress as a skirt. Today, I wanted to show you different ways to wear the same dress. I've used photos of different outfits but the guidelines apply for the same dress.

1. Keep it simple and wear the dress on its own.
This is the simplest way of wearing a dress. All you need is to be creative with your accessories. I find that, if the dress is elaborate or I want to let it stand out on its own, I keep accessories simple. But for simpler dresses I go for more elaborate accessories. 
Lace dress, gold loop earrings, satin heels, burgundy handbag, trench coat.
 2. Wear the dress as a top.
This calls for a skirt that is longer than your dress. I prefer maxi skirts or midi skirts for shorter dresses. This is a fun way of increasing the number of tops that you have. The one issue with this styling option is that you will feel a little hotter than you would because you are wearing more layers.
Colour-blocked skirt, lace dress as a top, embellished sweater, heels, patent leather bag, loop earrings
 3. Dress as a skirt
I gave some of my favourite tips on wearing a dress as a skirt here. I prefer this look for dresses that are more casual. I find them easier to style.
Embellished dress, sweater top, wide belt, ballet flats, burgundy handbag
4. Wear it with a sweater.
I love black dresses. They have endless styling options. This time I chose this burnt orange sweater which I find myself wearing any time I'm wearing all black. I belted it around my waist with a slim black belt to keep it in place.
Lace dress, burnt orange sweater, wedges.
 5. With a blazer
For a more sophisticated look, I like to add a blazer. This is my coat dress which I wore here. I styled it with a black blazer and folded the dress's sleeves. This dress needs a belt to add shape so I decided to tie a belt on top of the blazer. I chose this red belt because of its colour, added a red and gold beaded necklace and these brass earrings. 
coat dress, black blazer, belt, wedges

How else would you wear  a dress??

Happy Tuesday!!!



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  1. Good tips, I will try wearing a dress as a skirt. Thank you.

  2. Good ideas... I will definitly be trying some of these out


  3. Great blog. Love your different ways of wearing dresses.

  4. Lovely!!!!

  5. @styletillinfinity Thank you dear. One of the great things about blogging is that you learn all manner of things from your fellow bloggers. Glad this post was helpful.

  6. @Mik I'm happy to be of some help.

  7. @Haley Thank you Haley. I've become a HUGE fan of dresses.