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MONDAY STYLIST: Dress for the Corporate World

Hi all!!! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
Some two weeks ago, a friend of mine asked for my advice on what she should wear for her new job. You see, she was joining the corporate world for the first time and she wasn't sure what was acceptable and what wasn't. From what she had told me of her experience at her job interview for this position, I had a vague idea of what she was to expect.
When I think corporate world, I think power suits, serious heels and bags to die for. But I wouldn't want to lose my individuality just because I was forced to dress in a particular manner. So I asked her what her preferences were and from their I gave her my two cents. Here's a glimpse at what I think you should have when dressing for the corporate world.

These can be of various colours but the best would be subtle ones that don't draw too much attention to yourself. The usual colours would be black or navy blue and grey. I would add ox-blood and cobalt blue, keeping up with the trending colours at the moment and pastels.

Subtle colours and styles are important. Go for either straight-leg trousers or those with a slight flare on the leg. Flared trousers are more complimentary for curvier women.

Pencil skirts are the saviour of all women in the corporate world. They are so classy and chic that paired with a cute blouse, tucked in, heels and a blazer for cooler days, you can never go wrong. I prefer either knee- length or mid-length skirts for the job scene as opposed to shorter or longer versions which are more casual.

Blouses and Shirts
When you are forced to wear subtle colours I usually say you can go a bit bolder with your blouse choices. Choose blouses that are cute and have fun colours and styles. Go for sheer fabrics, blouses with tie-strings on the collars or even animal print, peplum, lace and peter-pan collars.

For an office setting, a closed-toe shoes are more appropriate. They bring out a certain seriousness that can be lacking in open shoes. There are a wide variety of shoes in the market right now in a whole range of colours.  Cute booties or boyfriend shoes (as I heard them being referred to) can be worn with skirts and trousers alike.

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  1. thanx for a great post. i did not care much before of what i wore to work, it was the boring pants and shirt & jacket and i felt demotivated.
    now i rock it in style, still formal but more presentable with medium heel shoes and my confeidence has gone way up.

    good attitude is everything also.