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Last Friday my little sister graduated from high school. She still has to sit for her national exams to be officially through with high-school but for her this was a big ceremony.
My whole family was in attendance, my mum (who had to travel from her seminar for her baby), dad (who was on time!!! Wow!!!), my two brothers and myself. My other sister was MIA because she's away in school and couldn't come down.
This was a momentous occasion for us because our last-born is putting a full-stop to that phase of her life. My parents were also awarded for being long-serving parents of the school. All the girls in my family went to the aforementioned school. In many ways it was an iconic day for us, made more so by my sister's ability to make everybody participate in occasions such as these.

This is what I wore. Remember this skirt?? I wore it as a dress twice but only got photos this once. But I styled it more or less in the same way.

I hope you're having a wonderful week:)

Happy Wednesday!!!



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  1. Congratulations to your little sister. Your skirt is awesome.


  2. The skirt is the epitome of color blocking. Nothing else needed. I love the cute details. I wonder how it wold look paired against a plain white tank. #ideas