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I love these purple jeans. I last wore them here. Since they aren't stretch jeans and they are a perfect fit, when I put on even a few grams of weigh, they don't fit!!! On Sunday I was going through my clothes, trying to decide what to wear to church. I had picked these purple jeans and a black top. But as I was removing clothes from the line, I had unconsciously put my dad's purple shirt and blue-green t-shirt together. Then my sister mentioned to me that those colours look great together!!! We quickly went into her wardrobe and pulled out this sheer top which we quickly paired with these jeans. I didn't want to know whether the jeans would fit or not. I was determined to wear this outfit.

 Outfit Details:
Purple jeans: Sarojini Market, India
Sheer top: from my sister
Necklace, bracelets and earrings: gift
Clutch: gift
Heels: gift

I chose brown accessories and because I thought it was a subtle enough colour to let the rest of the outfit stand out.
 NOTICE: I'm not wearing anything black!!! Yay!!! I managed to let go of my love for black.

Sister Style
This is my youngest Sister, Lisa. She's a younger, "wilder" version of me. I loved her outfit and thought I could feature it on the blog today (anyone else notice that we are both wearing purple).

My camera has been behaving funny. I have no idea what is wrong with it. I hope I'll be able to sort it out soon.

Happy Tuesday!!!



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  1. It is true these is a great combo. Lucky you that you have a sister you can borrow things from.


  2. yeepy. you deserve a gold satr for surviving without black on.

    love the sheer top and its colour.
    your sister looks fab and i love the purple on both ya'll.

    xox V

  3. u look great in that outfit.i love it