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Sometime back I met a friend for lunch. I had told her about my blog and what I had intended it to be and while she encouraged me to go on and increase my readership, she made a statement that rubbed me the wrong way. She said,”Following fashion is for the youth!” I was instantly taken aback and tried as much as I could to tell her that trends are out the as a guideline for all of us, young and not so young. After thinking about it for some time I wondered whether this was a sentiment many older men and women shared. 

Helen Mirren (Image via Star Pulse)
I always thought that anybody can follow fashion trends. I guess in my little cocoon, I never thought that the older you get the more society pressures you to dress in a certain way and leave the following of trends to the youth. But when the things that are fashionable are only available in the size that you were in your 20s I wouldn’t blame you. If the fashion magazines and blogs you read are only of bloggers who are yet to celebrate their 30th birthday, I suppose you would feel like trends were out of your reach. 

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But I look at older women like my mum (don’t tell her I categorized her here!!!), Orie Rogo Manduli, who despite their becoming wiser, and I think you can still look trendy with classical pieces and on-trend accessories. For instance the neon trend has been around for a while but if you feel self-conscious about looking like a 20 year old, buy a classy neon clutch. Accessories are a cheaper, easier way to keep up with trends. 

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And if you have managed to hone your personal style, why would you want to let it go just because society is pressuring you? I say keep at it, where current trends but know your limits. You don’t need to follow them to the T, but incorporate them in your wardrobe to update it.

Any thoughts on older men and women following trends? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. I think you are spot on, being on trend at an older age is as simple as a few new accessories. I hope I never settle into one look, what is the fun in that!

    1. I always admire stylish older women and hope to be like them.

  2. My grandma is one of the most fashionable women I know. She knows her measurements, what colors compliment her and what styles look great on her. I've always appreciated her wardrobe. I remember a few years ago she called me to ask me if she should buy navy blue socks for winter, it made me feel happy inside =)