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I recently realized that since I came back from India, my wardrobe has been split into several pieces. I now have specific clothes that I go to university with, then others I wear any other time I have work to do, clothes for staying at home (mostly my jeans) and then clothes to wear on Sunday when I’m going to church. I know I’m not unique in this sense. It’s just that when you are so used to having a wide variety of clothes to choose from, when you become limited to certain clothes for certain occasions, you feel so distressed. I know I do. Then I get into a crisis.
This was the case on this particular Sunday. I couldn’t decide what to wear so I picked this little black dress, blazer and colourful scarf. It was cold on Sunday morning so I added stockings and knee-high boots. This seems to have been a brass weekend; I wore my brass bracelets again and added earrings to match.

Outfit Details:
Dress: gift from my sisters
Blazer: gift
Scarf: Chandigarh, India
Stockings: gift
Boots: from my sister
Earrings and Bracelets: Chandigarh, India
Clutch: Marks and Spencer, India

Little black dresses are so useful when you can’t think of anything to wear. I’ve turned to them now more than jeans which I try to keep for days when I’m relaxing, well maybe not relaxing, but working from home. 

 Happy Wednesday!!!



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