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OUTFIT: Maxi into Town

I wore this outfit last week when I was going to class. I had to drop my CV at a certain office and then rush off to class. I have never worn this skirt when using public transport in Kenya. It was quite an adventure because it is truly a maxi skirt!!! I had to hold it every time because I was afraid of it getting caught perhaps in the door of a vehicle as it's speeding away. And then, while I was enroute to school I got sick and had to backtrack and go home. Anyway, the adventures of life I suppose.
I last wore this skirt here. This time I had to style it for colder, much colder weather so I opted for a sweater and scarf.

When accessorizing this outfit, I wanted to go mimimal because I wanted the skirt to be the focal point of the outfit. I chose this scarf to so that its colours could bring the brown and blue of the outfit together. I then wore

Outfit Details:
Maxi Skirt: gift
Sweater: India
Handbag: India 
Bracelets: gift
Scarf: India

Now that the cold weather has finally decided to arrive, I thought I could give a few tips on layering that I've gathered from other blogs and from experience.
  • Use several thin layers instead of one bulky one. This will come in handy when you want to remove some layers when the it warms up during the day. 
  • Wear cotton t-shirts as the first layer. Cotton is an absorbent fabric and is easier to wash and dries faster than wool. This fast layer comes in contact with your skin i.e perspiration, oils, dirt, so it will prevent the other layers from getting dirty. 
  • Stockings and leggings can be worn under trousers and skirts and dresses, for added warmth. If they are layered properly, nobody should know that you are wearing several layers underneath what they can see.
  • To cover up your outfit while walking on the street from one place to another, you can wear a jacket or trench coat. 

Happy Wednesday!!!


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