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Today being International Women's Day, I'd like to dedicate this post to all the women in the world who are going through different phases of their lives. Those who have already lived through it all, those who are just beginning to find themselves and those who are a source of inspiration to women of all walks of life.
To all the mothers without whom none of us would be here today. They brought us into this world, taught us how to be self-less human beings and never shied away from any pain or discomfort that they were sure would bring us joy. They are our source of comfort when we are troubled and  always manage to get us out of the scrapes we get ourselves into. They always want to ensure that we get recognition even when they made al the effort to help us succeed.
To all the sisters, biological or otherwise who have been our companions through thick and thin, when we are sitting down to do something serious or when we are getting into mischief.
To all those women who stepped out of their comfort zone and dared to enter a male-dominated field, setting the pace for the rest of us. You showed us that it is good to dream and fight to make your dreams a reality. You also taught us that we should not wait to have things handed to us or for others (men) to do things for us. We should always be independent and command respect from our counterparts, male or female.
I'd like to pay tribute to those women who sacrifice their lives daily in order to provide the basic needs to their loved ones. Those who deny themselves any comforts and toil just to get a little money to feed, clothe and educate their families.
To all the women in the world, be strong, independent, loving, caring, daring and hardworking. Be proud of being a woman because you have been given the opportunity to do so much good in the world and without you their would be no world, right?

Happy Women's Day!


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