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FOR HIM: Warm Weather Shoes

**** In this post I'll be writing about different aspects of men's dressing (and clothing), as well as current trends for guys  as a response/ request from Sudi who wrote: But please don't forget the men. There are a whole lot of us out there that need advise when it comes to fashion.  I will also give you some styling ideas using items of clothing that are already in your wardrobe as much as possible. Previous posts include the need for men to dress up too, celebrity muse, different shirt stylesmen's outerwear and smart casual dressing.

Today I decided to do a post on shoes that men can wear in the warm weather. I know in many parts of the northern hemisphere it's blistering cold, but back home I've heard so much about the heat that this had to be a feature in this blog.
In the summer, I always wonder what are the best shoes to wear. Sandals are my go to shoes, but sometimes continuous exposure to the scorching heat can have detrimental effects to your skin. I end up moisturizing like crazy and the pedicures become a more common thing. To help protect my feet from heat and dust, I alternate between sandals and shoes which will permit my feet to breath. Shoes with a cotton upper are the most ideal for example Converse and loafers. Below I've showcased some shoes and sandals that our brothers can choose from to wear for those hot summer days. These are mostly casual but I think they give the basic picture of what you can put on when the temperatures are blistering.

Hope you're having a fabulous Monday:)
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