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FOR HIM: Outerwear

**** In this post I'll be writing about different aspects of men's dressing (and clothing), as well as current trends for guys  as a response/ request from Sudi who wrote: But please don't forget the men. There are a whole lot of us out there that need advise when it comes to fashion.  I will also give you some styling ideas using items of clothing that are already in your wardrobe as much as possible. Previous posts include the need for men to dress up too, celebrity muse and different shirt styles

I've been on the search for suitable winter wear for guys. Every time I go to the market, I go through all the shops that sell men's clothing and I have such a difficult time finding something that I like. You see when I'm shopping for a guy be it my brothers, my dad or my boyfriend, I'm so particular about what I leave the shop with. Also considering I have to shell out a lot more for men's clothing than I do for girls', I can't help but be too particular about what I want.
So the other day I wanted to buy something of winter wear for him and I took such a long time picking out something. I ended up buying a sweater similar to this one, which I wasn't sure would be according to his taste. But it turns out he loved it!!!

I'm also looking for jackets which are smart-casual that he can wear to class or for a night out. I love guys clothing because when it comes to going out they don't need to think so much about what to wear!!!
I've really been into varsity jackets. I found a few but I couldn't get the right size. This is one of the perks of shopping for men here. Indian men have a different build from African men so their clothes size is usually on the smaller side. But with patience you can get what you want.

I'm not too keen on hoodies for older guys. I tend to associate these with teenage boys and work-out sessions.
Biker jackets are also a new love. They look so grunge!!!

I've never really thought of guys wearing trench coats but the other day I saw a man in a simple black one and I did a double take! The good thing about trench coats is that they are wearable in climates that don't get too cold (e.g. Kenya!!!). For those colder days a wool overcoat is ideal.

Peacoats are a shorter version of trench coats and are less bulky.

With time I hope to find what I've been looking for in terms of men's outerwear.

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