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There are as many of bags in the market now as there are occasions to carry them. Be it to work, to church, to lunch with girlfriends or to dinner with that special someone, to college, to the market etc. They vary in size, colour, material from which they are made and cost. The variety is endless. And the choice of bag one chooses to carry not only depends on the occasion but on ones preference as well.
Below are just a few that are my current favourites. But like I said there are many more in the market!

When I was in college I preferred big bags that I could throw all my books and stuff into. I still like big bags but the style has changed somewhat since then. However carrying a big bag is not only restricted to those who are still students. Even those who are working can carry these albeit the seriousness of the bag will vary. It would be deemed inappropriate to be seen carrying a large Hello Kitty bag to the office where as your friends at the university would find it cute.
Clutch Bags
For those occasions where you don't need to be carrying large books and pens or a calculator a smaller bag would be preferable. Clutch bags, need not to be limited to night time. I personally prefer to carry more embellished bags at night such as those with sequins. Those that are simpler I carry to church or when I'm going for lunch with friends. But this is a personal preference.

Cross Body Bags
Cross body bags have been in fashion for a while now. I carry cross body bags when I want to have all my essentials at hand without the fuss of having to adjust my bag on my shoulder for instance when going out with my girlfriends or when I'm running errands and need to have my hands free.
Hand-held bags
I like hand-held bags for more formal occasions. I chose these thinking that I'd carry them when going to work or when I have to go for meetings that require me to carry more than my lip gloss and wallet. I like the fact that they a big enough to put my diary, a novel and a couple of other essentials.
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