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Style And Elegance Is Within Your Reach

Ever observed how people are very careful about their wardrobe choices when they are going to a wedding? They take extra care to look their best from head to toe. The day before, said ladies will be found in the salon getting their hair done, maybe a facial and a manicure and pedicure too. The men too go extra lengths to make sure they are not left behind by the ladies.  I always marvel at how well turned out people are when they are going for weddings.
However, being smart and stylish shouldn’t be reserved for celebrities or for special occasions, case in point weddings. Men as well as women can look elegant and stylish on a day to day basis. This doesn’t mean that you have to redo your wardrobe and reach further into your already tight budget and buy expensive clothes and accessories. If you are a wise shopper, you can ensure that any piece of clothing you buy can be worn in a variety of ways, both formal and casual.
When I was studying in India, I always marvelled at how smart and stylish my classmates were every day of the week. I often wondered how someone would have thought of putting on anything more elaborate than jeans and a t-shirt which seems to be the go-to outfit for many students. But being in a classroom filled with people who paid a bit more attention to their wardrobe forced me to reconsider my choices when I didn’t feel like dressing up. The truth is the days when I put a bit more effort into my outfit I would feel better about myself throughout the day. I would walk taller, smile more easily and not cower in a corner because I didn’t like the way I looked that day. It gave me more self-confidence. A good friend of mine once said to me that the day she woke up feeling a bit down, she would pay extra attention to what she wore, she’d ensure she put on make-up and high-heels, just so that she could lighten her spirits.
Seeing the girls in my college all dressed-up one would think that they spent a lot of money on their wardrobes. On doing further research, I discovered that this was not the case. They didn’t shop at big stores unless there was a sale. They went to the local market like everyone else. The only difference being that they were more careful when buying clothes. They went through the different stalls with a fine-toothed comb and emerged with reasonably priced items that were very stylish. These girls soon became the trendsetters in college. Many of us would look to them for ideas on what to buy next time we went to the market.
What did I learn from all this? That even with a student’s limited budget, I could buy really good clothes and accessories at a fair price and still look stylish. I didn’t need to overspend at the malls and boutiques. Hence, even though you are a student or job-hunting or a CEO, you can choose to always look good by taking special care when selecting your outfits. Even when you are just staying home perhaps over the weekend, ensure that you still look good. If you wouldn’t want any of your co-workers or friends seeing you in your get-up then maybe you shouldn’t be wearing that faded t-shirt that has holes in it and that track suit bottoms you’ve had since you were in your teens.
Being elegant and stylish is more about pushing yourself than how pricey your clothes are. It’s about taking care to make sure you are always well turned out, that your clothes fit well-they are neither too tight nor too loose, that they are always clean and well ironed, that you have no hanging hems or gaping holes or buttons missing from your shirt. It’s about ensuring that your shoes are in good repair and well polished and your bag or briefcase is clean and also repaired if necessary. It’s about making sure your nails are always well taken care of, that your nail polish is not chipped. That your hair is clean and well styled. All this can be done within your budget; you don’t need to incur any extra costs.
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